Sami Main

Sami Main

Cat mom/writer/tarot reader


Hi, folks! You've found the website for one Sami Main. I'm a writer living in Brooklyn with my cat, Brioche, and I don't enjoy long walks on the beach. 

I graduated from the University of Florida with degrees in both journalism and sustainability, two slightly dying industries, and an unofficial degree in improv comedy. If you need something written, conserved, or joked about then I'm your girl.

Right after graduating, I moved up to New York. You can find my work on places like BuzzFeed, HelloGiggles, Business Insider, Adweek and more.


What's here:

Feel free to click around to learn more about the bigger projects that I'm working on, and how you can get in on them, too.

From crystal ball emojis to cheery newsletters to longer form projects, I'm your girl!

Feel free to use the nav bar up top to jump between projects. Knowing me, new stuff will be added all the time, so stay tuned. Follow the contact button to reach out about anything and everything.

Thanks for stopping by!