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Tarot, writing, and newsletters — oh my!


Tarot readings:

Rates starting at $20/reading

Getting your tarot cards read can be a really therapeutic experience, trust me. It's not tapping into the dark arts or anything, but it's a way to check in with the universe to see if you're on the right track.

With my readings, I charge per question and I base it on as how ~intense~ your questions can be. Asking about a topic of your life or a specific area you're confused by is your best bet. Just remember: there aren't any yes/no answers in tarot. 

I can do these readings virtually (see my Contact page to reach out via email) or locally if you're in the area. I'm always happy to answer any questions you might have about tarot cards or decks, so please reach out.

 One of the tarot cards from the Wild Unknown deck.

One of the tarot cards from the Wild Unknown deck.

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Writing, Sami, and You:

I've written first-person essays for collectives like Femsplain or my own Medium page. These deal with topics like my sobriety, eating disorders, cats, and student loans. I contain multitudes.

For three years, I worked and wrote for BuzzFeed. From everything from extensive coverage for their Animals vertical (hello, Puppy Bowl!) to creating weekly/monthly horoscope descriptions to everything in between.

I've also worked for Business (and Tech) Insider where I was a social media editor. I still covered new app launches and wrote about internet astrologer, Susan Miller.

As a digital media reporter for Adweek, I've interviewed RuPaul and Martha Stewart and introduced folks to niche Netflix series.

Newsletters to get over the news:

Life is terrible!

Now that I have your attention, may I suggest two ways to make life a little less terrible?

I produce two semi-frequent (being honest) newsletters designed to help keep your spirits up.

  • Pep Talk - This is for you if you like short inspirational quotes and/or if you like cutesy GIFs. This was once a daily project started because I needed to pep myself up, but it's grown to almost 1,000 subscribers who need a boost every now and then. Tell a friend!
  • Bouncy Castle - I rounded up some of the most positive people on Twitter and convinced them to do a newsletter with me. With the help of @darth, Jonny Sun and Josh Gondelman, we send out newsletter full of things that made us happy that week. We also include user submissions, so send whatever made you happy to to get involved.
 Surprise! Now you've got joy.

Surprise! Now you've got joy.