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Photo by Rafi Letzter

Photo by Rafi Letzter


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published author

My first book, How to Deal: Tarot for Everyday Life, was published by Harper Collins in May 2018. This adorable, bright, colorful and poppy book took two years to create, and I couldn't be more proud of it. It's a relatable guide to reading tarot cards, aimed at a young audience who's curious about the world of tarot. With mini-workbook sections between each chapter, and beautiful illustrations by Marisa de la Peña, this beginner's guide is for the newly intuitive and mildly adventurous.

Feel free to reach out if you ever want a private tarot reading (can be online or in-person) or want a tarot lesson to learn more about the cards.

You can also subscribe to my biweekly newsletter, Tarot Tips, for tips and advice on starting out.


You can also read my essay about cannabis, Colorado and coping here in the New York Times.

digital media creator

For the last five years, I've worked at different media publications across New York creating entertaining and informative content.

At BuzzFeed, I learned how to connect with all kinds of people thanks to our broad audience over the course of three years; from animal owners to meme lovers, I wrote lists, quizzes, news articles and interviews across all verticals. At Business Insider, I worked with our tech team as their social media manager; by learning a niche audience's voice, I was able to present our articles and social videos in impactful ways and organically grow multiple Facebook pages because of it. At Adweek, I started as a digital media reporter and eventually transitioned into our social editor and podcast co-host; I reported on ever-changing industries and brands before I communicated directly with our audience, and created original, humorous videos.

I'm available, on a freelance or contract-based basis, to write or edit for your company and/or publication. Use the contact form on this site, or my email below, to set something up.

comedy performer

I started studying improv comedy while in college, and I've continued to learn and perform for the last nine years. Improv teaches people to collaborate, listen and support their teammates in a different way every time we're on stage. My teams have performed at improv festivals across the country including the Del Close Marathon, Femprovisor Fest and the College Improv Tournament.

In addition to performing comedy on the spot, I've also performed in sketch shows and have written comedic/personal essays.


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Photo by Yuliya Kim



University of florida, gainesville

B.S. in Journalism

B.S. in Sustainability Studies
Graduated May 2013