I became passionate about wellness coaching when I began to learn more about the harmful aspects of diet culture.

I’ve previously written about my history with an eating disorder, and my recovery process is what inspired me to become a life coach. I didn’t want other people to struggle with finding help like I did. So many trained health professionals aren’t aware of the realities of eating disorders and the mental/emotional ways people approach food and exercise.

I believe that food is a complicated issue for some people, but that finding ways to give yourself more flexibility and compassion is key.

In general, I love helping people find a balance and a flow to their life. As your coach, I will always put the focus of our sessions on you, so my experiences and empathy will help me understand your history and also your future goals.

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I’m about to begin the training process to become a certified Intuitive Eating counselor — this approach dismantles the negative ties to diet culture while uplifting and reconnecting your connection with your own body.

If we work together as client and coach, we can create new goals and habits that will help put you on a happier and healthier path.