Why I decided to become a life coach

Why I decided to become a life coach


I’ve had a pretty weird career. Not weirder than everyone, but weirder than most. Here’s a brief rundown if we don’t know each other:

  • I went to school thinking I would become an environmental lawyer. (Spoiler: I did not.)

  • I graduated with degrees in journalism and sustainability and moved to New York to write for BuzzFeed.

  • I had three different jobs at BuzzFeed before I was let go in a small round of layoffs.

  • I worked as a social media manager/editor at Tech Insider, before that site was folded back into Business Insider, whence it came.

  • I was the digital media reporter, and later the social media editor, for Adweek.

  • Between all that, I pitched and sold a book to Harper Collins all about how to read tarot cards.

  • I left my full-time job to become a freelance writer, so I could make more time for creative projects. That gave me the time to write an essay for The New York Times, but not much else.

  • I got a part-time job as an after school counselor at a local board game store where I taught board games, and role-playing games, to kids ages 7-12.

  • I applied to go back to school to become a registered dietitian.

  • I decided to enroll in courses that would teach me how to be a life coach, so I could more fully take care of my future nutrition clients and offer a broader range of services.

I’m a helper and a cheerleader and a leader by nature. I’ve been downplaying some of these decisions as just silly larks or “probable nonsense,” without having the perspective that I do now. I’m supposed to have had the career I’ve had because it gave me the research and managerial backgrounds I needed to prepare me for the new direction I’ve created for myself.

I want to be a life coach because I know I’m destined to help people figure things out; sometimes that’ll be their relationship to food, sometimes that’ll be what they’re supposed to be doing in life. People need objective third-party support networks who can cut through their BS while shining a light on whatever it is that they do best. While sometimes that’s a therapist (and I’m certainly not here to diagnose or “fix” anyone), sometimes it’s a life coach who can help you figure out the bigger picture here.

So whether you’ve known me for years or if you’re just now getting to know me, I know this decision makes a lot of sense to you because I’ve unofficially been a life coach for just about everyone I’ve ever met.

If you’re interested in becoming a practice client of mine, or are interested in joining my mailing list to learn more about when my coaching practice is officially up and running, visit my contact page for more information.

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